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Philly Community Wireless (PCW) is building community-owned and -operated internet infrastructures in order to democratize access, promote digital literacy, and fight digital inequity with free, net-neutral broadband service in North Philadelphia. We are currently partnering with residents and nonprofits organizations in **Norris Square Park** to develop a community-owned, free wifi network.

We are currently seeking community organizations and building owners in the Norris Square Neighborhood interested in receiving a free install of a small network antenna on their rooftops to expand the public wifi signal into their neighborhood.

Do you live in the Norris Square neighborhood of North Philadelphia?

If you would like get involved, host a rooftop antenna or a mesh kit in your house, fill out our form and sign up!

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Our members include community organizers, technologists, researchers, and public school teachers. PhillyWisper—a pro-net neutrality, wireless internet service provider—is donating 25 MB/s bandwidth to our network. This free network connection will allow residents of Norris Square to gain access to vital healthcare services, school classes, online marketplaces, and meetings with city council from which many are currently excluded.

If you live outside the Norris Square area and need Internet access, we suggest reviewing the National Digital Inclusion Alliance's resource page on the FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, which will begin reimbursing ISPs to provide free Internet to eligible households beginning May 2021.